David Rainford Deputy PGM.

I was born in Bolton on Wednesday 6th October 1948, I am married to Janice with two daughters, two teenage granddaughters and two teenage grandsons. I enjoy gardening and if Janice and the girls force me, I do accompany them on longish walks.
I am a Beatles fanatic and enjoy nothing more than flying somewhere hot and lying on a sunbed listening to sixties and seventies music.
A lifelong Bolton Wanderers supporter, which has not helped my blood pressure these last 5 years, I gave up competitive sport at a very early age (I think I was 12) and prefer to watch and offer advice.
I left school in 1965, working as a wages clerk and in 1967 I joined her Majesty’s Inland Revenue as a Tax Officer working in Bolton and Manchester.
I joined Manchester Fire Brigade in October 1973 and over the next 31 years served at various Stations following the creation of the Greater Manchester Fire Service in 1974 finishing my career as Divisional Officer at Fire Service Headquarter in 2004.
Masonic Career
Craft:- I Joined Moorland Lodge in 1995 was Worshipful Master in 2000 and was appointed PProv AGDC and currently a member of Euclid Lodge meeting at Bolton

Chapter :-I joined Kitchener Chapter in 1998, I was also a member of Felicity Chapter and Rectitude Chapter and was 1st Principal in both when they closed, strange that, I don’t think it was something I said or did.
I am currently a member of St Georges Chapter and will not be going back in the chair just in case!
Mark:- I joined F W Broadbent Mark Lodge in 2002 worked through the offices on the way to the chair in 2009.
I am currently a member of 9 Mark Lodges
Became Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary 2011 , Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary 2014 and Provincial Grand Secretary 2016. Appointed Provincial Steward 2011 and Provincial Grand Junior Warden 2013. I was appointed a Grand Steward in 2017and PGJD in September 2020
Royal Ark Mariner:- Joined Turton RAM in 2004 , I was a Founding JW of F W Broadbent RAM in 2009 and Commander in 2011
Appointed to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank 2015 and Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank 2019
Allied:-Joined Goulburne Council in 2011 WM in 2017 and appointed District Grand Stwd 2019 .
Royal and Select Masters:- Joined Blazing Starr Council in 2006 and was a founder of Castlefield Council 123
District Grand Manciple 2016 District Grand Standard Bearer 2017 and District Grand Conductor of the Council 2018. Appointed to Past Grand Standard Bearer May 2021