Royal Ark Mariner

The Royal Ark Mariner Degree is a fascinating degree.

It uses the story of Noah and his Ark and the story of the flood, of cleansing and rebirth and within that, the virtuous and industrious, represented by Noah and his family, will prosper.

As with other Masonic orders, the origins of the degree are not certain. The earliest authenticated record of a Royal Ark Mariner Degree being worked in England is 1790. The degree was worked in Craft and Mark lodges, and in 1871 the order was taken under the wing of the Mark Grand Lodge.

The ceremony of admission is called an ‘Elevation’ and has close affinities with the Craft, where the legend of Noah and the First Covenant was part of the earliest development of Craft ritual, giving rise to early masons being known as Noachites. There are several references to Noah and his Ark in early manuscripts and you can still see this link to the Noachite legend in today’s Craft Masonry with the Doves atop the Deacons wands.

There are two ceremonies: the Degree of Royal Ark Mariner, where a member is Elevated (or admitted) to the Order, and the ceremony of Installation by which the Commander Elect is installed in the Chair of a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge

The Royal Ark Mariner Degree is overseen by The Grand Masters Royal Ark Council, which is under the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons. All RAM lodges are attached to Mark Lodges and carry the same Lodge number.

The Mark degree is complete in itself and the RAM degree does not complete or add to it in that respect. However, what is very clear within the Mark and also the RAM is that you will always find friends and particularly with RAM Masonry, a fascinating, unique and colourful addition to your masonic journey.

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