List of Mark Lodges

Below is a list of all the Mark Lodges in the Province, the contact email address for the secretary is also shown, email the address shown below and the system will forward the email to the current secretary for the lodge required.

Lodge No.

Lodge Name.

Masonic Hall / Town




Email Contact

18RectitudeRawtenstall4th Tuesday in February, May, September & NovemberFebruaryAndrew
20FaithMiddleton1st Monday in March, September, NovemberSeptemberCarl
24RobertsRochdale2nd Thursday in May, August & NovemberAugustBernard
32UnionManchester3rd Wednesday in October & MarchMarchGraham
34St. AndrewsSalford3rd Tuesday in April & SeptemberAprilGeoffrey
56TemperanceTodmorden3rd Thursday in February, March April & OctoberOctoberAubrey
136William Romaine CallenderBury2nd Tuesday in January and March, 1st Tuesday May and OctoberJanuaryJohn
141SkelmersdaleAudenshaw3rd Tuesday in February and OctoberFebruaryGeorge
142WikeRadcliffe2nd Tuesday in February, May, September & NovemberFebruaryPaul
156County PalatineAudenshaw2nd Monday in February, May and NovemberFebruaryGeeson
159StarkieAccrington3rd Thursday in February, April, October and DecemberFebruaryPeter
171UnionUppermill3rd Monday in May, October and DecemberMarch
680GoulburnOldham4th Wednesday in January, March and NovemberNovemberCraig
689LancastriansManchester2nd Tuesday in April and NovemberNovemberStuart
693PrioryWhalley1st Wednesday in March, October and December. 3rd Wednesday in JuneMarchJohn
695PendlePadiham2nd Wednesday in January, March, May, August and NovemberJanuaryIan
745M/c KeystoneManchesterInstallation 1st Tuesday in June, then 4th Monday in January and September JuneRoy
852Semper ParatusBolton (The Last Drop)2nd Thursday February and SeptemberSeptemberPeter
911KeepClitheroe4th Thursday in January, March and NovemberNovemberPaul
939FabricRochdale3rd Tuesday in February, April, October and DecemberOctoberAlston
949ConstitutionManchester3rd Tuesday in January, March and NovemberNovemberPhilip
990East Lancashire Provincial Grand OfficersManchesterOctoberVictor
994SalfordSalford1st Thursday in February, April, October and DecemberFebruaryMalcolm
1001UniversityAudenshaw2nd Monday in May and OctoberMayDavid
1010Rose of YorkManchester4th Thursday in April and 3rd Thursday in June and AugustAprilMartin Paul
1042Supera MorasBromley Cross3rd Wednesday in March, May and OctoberMarchGordon
1059Manchester EngineersManchester3rd Thursday February, April, October and DecemberFebruaryJohn
1065AdoniramAccrington4th Tuesday in January, March, May, September and NovemberNovemberStuart
1080White StoneManchester3rd Friday January
2nd Friday September
1132FW BroadbentBolton3rd Wednesday February, April and NovemberFebruaryPeter
1165Quatuor LegatiBolton2nd Tuesday in February, May and OctoberFebruaryAlan
1222ArdwickAudenshaw4th Wednesday January, March & October
3rd Wednesday in May
1272East Lancashire Provincial Grand StewardsManchester1st Friday SeptemberSeptemberDuncan
1300TurtonRawtenstall1st 5th Thursday in May and NovemberNovemberJohn
1309Good ReportAudenshaw3rd Wednesday in February, May and SeptemberFebruaryVictor
1327DarwenDarwen3rd Monday January, March and OctoberOctoberJohn
Mossley2nd Monday in January, April, September and NovemberAprilGarry
1383Thomas Sharples BarlowManchester3rd Thursday August
1st Monday November
1405The George Farnworth NuttallClayton le Moors1st Thursday in March, May, September and NovemberSeptemberGraham
1459FriendshipMiddleton4th Tuesday in January, March, September and NovemberSeptemberJohn
1577ProgressManchester2nd Monday in January and Tues before 1st WedJanuaryDavid
1582WycollerColne3rd Wednesday in February, April, August and OctoberAugustGary Williams
1649Arnold MoretonManchester3rd Friday in May and DecemberMayDavid
1716CornerstoneManchester1st Friday June
2nd Friday December
1932SecretariusBury2nd Friday May
3rd Friday November
1965Rugby FootballRochdale1st 5th Thurs 1/4AprilMervyn
9008St John'sBolton1st Thursday in March, September and NovemberMarchJohn