Masters and Commanders Dinner

It was just two years since the Province of East Lancashire held the last Masters and Commanders Dinner at Bury Masonic Hall before Covid-19 hit the U.K.

On Friday, 11th March 2022 the newly appointed Provincial Secretary and his assistant had organised the evening dinner for all the Masters and Commanders within the Province who were in office on 6th February 2022.

In attendance was RWBro John H Smith, the Provincial Grand Master for East Lancashire along with his full Executive team. The room was full of smartly dressed Brethren and their ladies as they sat down to a lovely 4-course meal. The toast of the evening was that to her gracious Majesty the Queen, The Duke of Lancaster. The proceedings ended at around 10:00 pm with everyone returning to their own homes and firesides

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One thought on “Masters and Commanders Dinner

  1. Mark Rowe Reply

    Enjoyed it nice to see happy smiling faces. Its a learning curve next year we are having candelabra.

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