Grand Mark at Great Queen Street

On Tuesday 13th June, over 40 East Lancashire brethren accompanied the Provincial Grand Master, the Deputy and the Assistants in attending the Communication of Grand Mark Lodge at Great Queen Street, London. As well as supporting the event, they were also supporting those brethren who had received preferment in Grand Lodge, namely:

Gordon Edward Rosbotham Assistant Grand Inner Guard
Christopher Michael Wildman Grand Steward
David Hedley Thomson Past Grand Master Overseer
Barry Raymond Heal Past Grand Junior Overseer
Malcolm Ronald McCarthy Past Grand Junior Overseer
David Nicholas Entwisle Past Grand Junior Deacon
Colin Peter Bodimeade Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
Robert Ian Frankl Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
David Hudson Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

And through other Provinces:

David Victor Dyson Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
Paul Gareth Bowen Assistant Grand Organist

During the journey on the train, RWBro Smith presented WBro Chris Wildman with his East Lancashire ‘Stewards’ apron to enable him all the better to discharge his duties as the ostensible steward of the train!
The weather was glorious as was the company and the photographs attest to the fact.
The Grand Master, HRH Prince Michael of Kent was in attendance and took the meeting. He spoke of his pride in being the Grand Master, a role he had enjoyed for many years and would continue to do so as long as he was able; this was met by prolonged applause from the brethren in attendance, which numbered over a thousand.
He also touched upon the need for change, which is essential if Mark Masonry is to flourish and endure. He made mention of the fact that our numbers were healthy and had weathered the pandemic with very positive evidence of growth.
There were Distinguished Guests in attendance from all over the world, some in sizeable numbers with the largest contingent being from Romania. When their delegation was referred to and all rose in the body of Grand Lodge, they were instantly greeted with thunderous and prolonged applause!
Four fanfare trumpeters announced the arrival of the Grand Master, the proclamation of the re-appointment of the Pro, Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters and it added to the colour and pageantry of the occasion, all of which was delivered to the high standard we have all come to expect from the Grand DC and his team.
The guests retired to The Grand Connaught Rooms for a super lunch and during the return journey home, everybody agreed it had been a most successful and enjoyable day.
Indeed, when we now talk of ‘The Magic of the Mark’ it was clearly present in every aspect of the day.
It would be remiss not to make mention of WBro Malcolm McCarthy who makes all the arrangements for the journey and the meeting, a task he has done for many years. Sincere thanks therefore to Malcolm for all that he does and also to his wife Joan for all of her support.

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