Merrily working away at Mark Masonry

Way out on the outer rim of the Province deep in darkest Burnley works a small Mark Lodge know as Scarlett with Gawthorpe No 1014. Merrily working away at Mark Masonry in a happy and content manner at Burnley Masonic Hall. The hall itself is a bit too big for this Mark Lodge but it gets on with business at hand by utilising the small dining room and lodge room when it can. 

The last meeting on the 14th March was missing a few key members and offices needed to be filled, this was not an issue as three visitors jumped at the chance to take a post and ensure the regular ceremonial went without a hitch. It just seems to work like that in the Mark Degree.

The W.M. W.Bro Stanley Smith PPJGW conducted the business of the lodge without a hitch, and the Master, Treasurer and Auditors for the ensuing year were all elected and balloted for. During any other business, they had the opportunity to enjoy a quick presentation about the 2021 Mark Benevolent Fund Festival from W.Bro Bob Summers. Scarlett with Gawthorpe was happy to learn they had already achieved Vice Patron Status and were close on achieving Patron Status as they continued to support the Festival. The presentation explained the workings of the fund, reciting its history and origins and listing some of the larger donations the MBF had already made to various organisations and how the members of Scarlett with Gawthorpe Mark Lodge could support it. 

The social board was held in the smaller dining room as the Masonic Hall was hosting a large event in the main room. It mattered not as numbers probably suggested this was the best option. The meal was more than sufficient and was enjoyed throughout. We had to serve ourselves and collect our meals from the Kitchen, but hey, that’s how it works sometimes in the Mark Degree.

The presentation continued on a more focused and personal level at the social board where a brief explanation of the methods of donation was given, and examples of how the smaller donations at lodge level had a huge effect on the beneficiary. The presentation in both the Lodge and Social board was received with a good heart by every member.


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