Summer train trip for ELMBF

In East Lancashire, we have the ELMBF (East Lancashire Mark Benevolent Fund) our own Provincial Mark Charity who administer and distribute funds raised within the province of East Lancashire and any National donations provided by the Mark Benevolent Fund.

In addition to its responsibility for the administration of two groups of properties in East Lancashire, provided to give affordable accommodation to elderly Masons, their Widows and dependents, they also distribute funds to Registered Charities within the Province.

In February 2020 the Fund was asked to support the East Lancashire Railway in providing Defibrillators to be sited at the various stations, which was granted and are sited at various locations across their network.

In a reciprocal gesture, The East Lancashire Railway has offered the Mark Province three trips within the Officer Observation Saloon on the 11th June 2023, with an official unveiling of one of the Defibrillators. Full details of the departure times and the places available will be announced shortly.

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